Internet: the Cause of the Newspaper’s Death?

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When you are asked to think of a certain source of news, your mind would probably think about the newspaper. A newspaper is a printed publication which contains a compilation of news according to what category do they belong. But, as time goes by, articles on the internet are being popularized which is much more accessible for people than broadsheets. How can internet affect the tradition of using newspapers? Is it the start of the publication’s death?

As a student, I can’t deny the fact that internet is indeed very useful. It helps me a lot in my assignments as well as in communicating with people. But, the thing is, using a newspaper is way more formal than reading articles on the net. With broadsheets, we can be able to get the latest and most important news unlike in the net. Also, news in the newspaper are arranged according to their category. For instance, there are categories for sports, entertainment, about the nation, business, and many others. Obviously, it is hard to find that kind of classification in the internet for the details are so many that it is being difficult for us to find the accurate details we want to get. In addition, not all information in the internet is true. Some people are posting unreal ideas as a result of their boredoms.

To conclude everything, I suggest you should refer to the newspaper if you want to get the best news. It is not merely a tradition or a habit to distribute publications, because newspapers are still helpful to us nowadays. Knowing that not all people have internet connections on their houses, we cannot really say that newspapers are dead these days. If internet has everything the newspaper has, then why do newspapers still exist today?
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