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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Q: Internet is driving force behind the development of telecommunication networks and other information system. Are you agree or disagree?

Answer: By all industry accounts, this statement is very accurate.  In order to remain competitive in domestic and global markets, businesses will become even more reliant on technology as we enter the 21st century.  Businesses are pushing for developments in technology, which will enable them to gather and disseminate information at greater speeds.  

Technology is crucial for accurate decision-making, and this demand will definitely drive developments in these technologies. Internet usage is increasing all the time and telecommunication and networks are advancing to keep up with this.

Yes agreed to the topic, because of so many reasons; some of them are given below:

[1] Every telecommunication, networking, and IT Company has a website, to display their portfolios.  
[2] In all these industries people has to struggle with daily errors and problems, internet forums and kb sites helps them.
[3] More than half IT industry running on search engines like Yahoo, Google. It helps communication channel carry simultaneously data transmission from many terminals. Star, Ring and Bus networks are examples.

[4] Companies are deriving strategic business value from the Internet, which enables them to disseminate information globally, communicate and trade interactively with customized information and services for individual customers, and foster collaboration of people and integration of business processes within the enterprise and with business partners.

[5] These capabilities allow them to generate cost savings from using Internet technologies, revenue increases from electronic commerce, and better customer service and relationships through better supply chain management and customer relationship management. |


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