Internet Slang Should Not Be Banned in News

Topics: Internet slang, Internet, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Nowadays, we frequently read the words in the newspapers,magazines or on the Internet, like "PK" dinosaurs" and so on. These are all Internet slang terms. Whether to allow or forbid these terms in news and formal documents has become a hot topic as the ban is introduced in Shanghai. The public holds different views on the regulation. From where I stand, as the inevitable result of social development,Internet slang should not be banned in news and formal documents. Firstly, many Internet slang terms such as classifier are widely spread and commonly used among young people. Since we can find them used here and there, there are good reasons for them to exist in our language. Indeed, Internet slang terms tend to be short, simple, and catchy, so it is easy to think and use them to express our meanings. Even a little child can understand,remember and speak a few of those words. Moreover, with the dramatic increase of netizens and rapid expansion of cyber-communities, the language they use has formed such an influential force in real life that many people, especially the youth, think it fashionable to talk with some Net terms. As Internet slang is taking root in our language, it is not really possible to forbid its use completely. Secondly, there is no need to stop using new words created online. Some Internet words,such as “download“ , "link "and" homepage", are now used regularly. There is nothing wrong with them. Society is always changing,and language needs to keep up. Chinese should be able to absorb new words that are useful for speakers. In addition, the newspapers should tell people what's going on in real life. Though coming from virtual world, Internet slang largely derives from real communications between people, reflecting their true thoughts and serving their actual needs of expression. Then, why can't it be used in the news? Hence, it is not necessary to ban the Internet slang in the newspapers and formal documents. In addition, it is not practical to...
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