Internet Security

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Internet Security
Tiffany Q. Mitchell
September 17, 2012
Mark Stewart

Over the last decade, the Internet has put the rest of the world at reach because of computers. In the same way it also made computers more reachable by the rest of the world as well. The Internet is subject to widespread attacks ranging from worms, hackers, spoofing, spam, and phishing; just to name a few. Every computer device is susceptible and vulnerable to security attacks and those attacks can be just as detrimental to an organization as it is to an individual. Organizations of all sizes want and need to secure their network connectivity to their data and applications because of the need to collaborate both inside and outside the organization. Because of the security risk vulnerability it poses, organizations need requirements established to maintain its integrity for all its valuable data. Not only is information security important to an organization but also its information is valuable to its consumers who information that it must protect.

Internet Security
Internet security is defined as the securing and protecting from unauthorized access, theft and, loss of data. Security vulnerabilities pose a constant threat to organizations that rely on the Internet, and the critical infrastructures that it depends on. The fact that security vulnerabilities do exist organizations must have of course acquire secure software systems that will be able to withstand any online attacks. Nonetheless, because security vulnerabilities do occur, it is vital that information systems should be protected against them as effectively as possible. President Obama articulated in May 2009 the need for wider public participation in protecting America’s communication and information technology (IT) infrastructure, or cyberspace (2010). He called for a national public awareness and education initiative to promote Internet security (2010). “It’s the great irony of our Information Age—the very technologies that empower us to create and to build also empower those who would disrupt and destroy” (2010).

Internet connectivity has immense benefits as it allows ease of access to information, but with that there is an increase of potential threats at higher level. Organizations benefit from the ease of access the Internet provides but in turn are highly concerned about security implications of the Internet. “The growth of web threats is a result of the popularity of the web – a relatively unprotected, widely and consistently used medium that is crucial to business productivity” (Towards a Comprehensive Internet Security Strategy for SME’s, 2011). Organizations rely mainly on accessing applications that Web- Based and the most important defense is learning how to manage and prioritize risks that come along with this access. Web-Based threats produce as stated by Towards a Comprehensive Internet Security Strategy for SME’s article, the prevalence of malware as a vehicle for organized Internet crime, along with the general inability of traditional anti-malware protection products to protect against the continual stream of unique and newly produced malware (2011).

There are many types of risks that can invade an organizations network. The most prevalent seen within organizations are malicious code. Malicious code can be described as mixture of viruses, Trojan horses and, worms. The destructive viral programs can be delivered

e-mail attachments, web content or a simple file that will affect a networked PC. Published from an article in Yahoo Voices that the three main types of viruses are macro viruses, file-infecting viruses and script viruses (2011). Once malicious code is delivered, it begins its path to destruction transforming itself into a virus that spreads and...
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