Internet Scams

Topics: Get-rich-quick scheme, Ponzi scheme, Confidence trick Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Topic: Why people fall for scams on the net and how to avoid being victimized.
The world today is improving and developing rapidly. Internet became the most common media to link everyone in this world. However, a lot of people have fallen victims to the online scams that have infested the internet like a plague. This is because they struggle with money issues in life, whether that is due to being unemployed, wanting one more income stream, or trying to make living.

There are several reasons for people to fall victims to scams. One of the reasons is being naive. Truth must be told that many people that come online in search for a get rich quick formula are very gullible. A lot of people would never get involved in such get rich quick schemes in the first place if they are not being naive. At least, people should know that the notion of becoming an instant millionaire is a bit for fetched. But, the mere idea that somebody can become rich overnight is a very appealing and attractive notion to those who are looking for shortcuts to become rich. They are so naive as to trust the scams.

Apart from that, being greedy is one of the causes of people falling for the scams. The greedy person, however, takes no notice of such common sense warnings. Instead, their compulsion to acquire more money, power, or whatever else motivates them, blinding them and causing them to be unable to foresee the obvious warning signs. Most people lose sight of the fact that there are certain principles that must be followed in the process of making money, and would rather go for shortcuts and quick rich schemes.

For a person to fall for a promise of getting rich by next week or next month, that person is void of common sense. They should know that wealth is not built in a day, just as Rome is not built in a day too. Riches are not produced from a plug and play machine; money created that way only takes place in Hollywood movies. For example, those people do not take time to do the...
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