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Topics: Smile, Facial Action Coding System, Facial expressions Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: December 3, 2012
SOSC1980 Psychology and Everyday Life
Thought Paper
Stress and Coping

Name:| CHOW Yuet Tsz|
SID:| 20119297|
Date:| 14-11-2012|
Smiling and stressStressStress is simply a reaction to a stimulus. Stress can disturb our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it is an omnipresent part of life. [1] Stress can negatively impact how we experience our lives by preventing us from living in a state of contentment and fulfillment. Each of us has different thresholds for letting things get to us (???) and we all react (respond) to stress differently. Some people withdraw; some people experience anxiety; some lose their cool (???). You may not be able to control the stressors in your world, but you can alter your reaction to them.Stress can actually act as a serious motivator in changing one's behavior. If you look at stress in a positive light, that it drives the individual to find solutions for problems and to grow, stress can be your friend.Using stress as a source of motivation comes with a sense of urgency in your actions. (有D) Much like running down a hill with a large boulder right behind you, there is little need to dig deep for motivation since you obviously want to alleviate and/or eliminate the anxious feelings. With a sense of urgency hanging over your head your ability to maintain your focus also increases as well. Now that you are fully concentrating on what it is you are doing you are better able to think more clearly allowing you to improvise more easily. It is amazing that as we get pushed to the 'edge' how quickly we can think and respond in certain situations. Hats off to our survival instincts! [7]Now this is not to say we should seek out tension deliberately to serve as a motivator, but that there are certain times such an undesirable can be of service.Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the...
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