Internet Revolutionizing Retail

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Internet Revolutionizing Retail

By | March 2008
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The internet is revolutionizing the world of retail, both in terms of the way we shop and the prices we are paying.
The internet is revolutionizing the world of retail, both in terms of the way we shop and the prices we are paying. There has been a great surge over the last few years of people buying their goods/services online, and it has become a recognizable and successful sales/distribution channel for many businesses. More and more stores are beginning to realize the vast potential of the internet and what it can do for their business, and this has seen a big increase in the number of retailers who are now offering their customers the chance to do their shopping over the internet. Shopping online provides customers with a number of advantages over in-store retailing, primarily centered on convenience. Online shops never close, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means customers are able to pick and choose when they browse, and how long for, at their own leisure.

Most importantly, all this can be done from the comfort of their own home, without having to find the time to travel to various stores, leaving them free to pursue other interests and hobbies they are interested in. Shopping online is quick and easy, with no checkout queues or other time delaying factors involved. Consumers are under no pressure from store assistants to make a purchase, and are able to go back and view the product(s) as many times as they feel necessary before making a decision. Finding particular products is a lot simpler, with help from ‘search' tool bars found on most home pages, and everything is under one roof – if not on the same website. Also, consumers can easily compare products they may be contemplating purchasing, in terms of price and features, before they make a decision. The most important factor and the one most consumers are interested in where internet shopping is concerned is to do with price. Companies selling their products online do not need...

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