Internet on Children

Topics: History of the Internet, Education, Intelligence Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Pre-school education system has been constructed in accordance with the level of development and in accordance with the development and progress of the present. Although the method and system that are enough to help in the development of preschool students in ICT namunkelebihan JERI very useful and helpful in smoothing the process of learning in preschool. There are many ICT interests include helping teachers to get teaching and helping students to explore the world of ICT so as not to be left behind by modernity. The use of ICT equipment such as computers is very important in helping students to explore the world of the internet and via the internet, they can make a lot of activities involving cognitive development in children.

Between the importance of the internet to help their students are to get the information and materials they get in school difficult. In addition, students can also create activities that involve interaction with other students from overseas via the internet. In addition, they also can make a class project using a computer with the help of the internet. For example, in Western countries, 4 year old students have the opportunity to browse the website and enter their school photos. In addition, they can also incorporate their voice once. In addition, ICT dapatmeningkatkan collaborative learning. Like the example above, the use of ICT can enhance the participation of students with activities and learning process through the "peer group" is more global in nature.

In addition, through ICT, the students are easy to contact or involve experts from within and outside the country during the learning session. ICT is a very broad application and provides many options to pre-school teachers in planning teaching and learning in the classroom. Among them is, ICT can be used for enrichment for students who are quite clever compared with other students so that they do not feel bored in class by giving them more intellectually challenging activities....
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