Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

Over the last decade Internet has made significant impact in our economies and societies by bringing in remarkable communication and networking infrastructure. The world-wide web has been a major driver of global information and media sharing. From Desktop networking Internet is continuing to become more pervasive, with the advent of low cost wireless broadband connectivity, by connecting to new embedded devices and handhelds. In continuation with this trend, it is poised to emerge as an “Internet of Things” where the web will provide a medium for physical world objects to participate in interaction. This way the digital information technology can integrate the physical world to the online world to provide a common interaction platform. The Internet of Things (IOT) describes a worldwide network of intercommunicating devices. It integrates the ubiquitous communications, pervasive computing, and ambient intelligence. At this point (IOT) must be seen as a vision where "things", especially everyday objects, such as nearly all home appliances but also furniture, clothes, vehicles, roads and smart materials, and more, are readable, recognisable, locatable, addressable and/or Power Source Location controllable via the Internet. This will provide the basis for many new Sensors Identification applications, such as energy monitoring, transport safety systems Internet of or building security. This Actuators Devices Things vision will surely change with time, especially as synergies between Identification Computing Storage Technologies, Wireless Sensor Networks, Communication Intelligent Devices and Nanotechnology will enable a number of advanced applications. innovative use of technologies such as RFID, NFC, ZigBee and Bluetooth, and are contributing to create a value proposition for Internet of Things stakeholders



There are several applications of networked Things in Agriculture, Healthcare, Retail, Transport, Environment, Supply chain management, Infrastructure monitoring etc. Some of them are listed below: Agriculture: Applications in Agriculture include Soil and plant monitoring, Monitoring of food supply chain, Monitoring of animals Retail Management: Retailing has many applications areas of business interest. It includes monitoring customer behavior and preferences, Shelf stock tracking, context based advertising and product promotions, vending machines, automated checkout, and theft control. Healthcare: Identification of spurious drugs is a major application in healthcare area. Other application areas are personal healthmonitoring , telemedicine, assisted living. Security: Detection of counterfeit goods, Access control, Restricted materials, Banknotes, Passports Government and public sector: Disaster management, Forest monitoring, Tourism support, Homeland security, Pollution monitoring Home: Home security, management, assistance) Smart - home (lighting, enetertainment, energy

Sports: Sports equipment: user performance monitoring , Safety

While there are many interesting applications of networking physical objects, they need a strong value proposition to customers for their wide adoption and acceptance. Their potential benefits are:   Improved performance, visibility & scalability of business process automation Providing better, more cost effective service through real-time highresolution visibility /capture and analysis of real-time product performance information. This is useful for efficient decision making. Better transparency of physical flows and detailed status information. This is also important for regulatory compliance and public dissemination.


Creation/transformation of new and existing business processes by enhancing efficiency, accuracy, mobility and automation

Emerging Trends
Some of the relevant trends in development and deployment of IOT based applications are: Miniaturization of devices - While VLSI technologies are moving...
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