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Dea Damgaard Madsen 19-11-1989 2012 Fall Internet Marketing HA-DAT_INM Ravi Vatrapu


Research Question:


Theoretical Framework:
e-CRM Social CRM (sCRM) User Generated Content Social Media Marketing Online Community Affiliate marketing

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Methodology Results of Analysis iPhoneluppens’ Facebook

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Discussion: Conclusion Table of Content

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Due to the rapid increase of Web 2.0 technologies, the relationship between businesses and costumers has adapted in ways of attainment and retainment. Web 2.0 is defined by Kaplan & Haenlein (2010) as “a platform whereby content and applications are no longer created and published by individuals, but instead are continuously modified by all users in a participatory and collaborative fashion.”

Social media has derived from Web 2.0, and due to its popularity and influence, marketing strategy has altered in order to include social media as a new platform, both as a way of communicating to potential customers, but also as an opportunity to attain them. The widespread of companies on social media, especially Facebook, is increasing daily. Furthermore, an increasing number of consumers use social media as a platform to discuss products and seek advice and guidance1 . Facebook facilitates an easy two-way communication between companies and users, and the wordof-mouth effect makes it even more potent. Social media can interact with consumers to increase product awareness, but more importantly in this case, engender loyalty between a company and consumers.

‘’, is a Danish consumer portal owned by the company MuWo. It provides help to the consumers to find information about prices, models, contracts, tips, tricks and news about iPhones. It was established in 2010, and in its two years of existence, its popularity has grown, and it is one of the most used iPhone consumer sites in Denmark. Besides the website, iPhoneLuppen has implemented a blog, that feeds frequent news and updates, and a Facebook page with more than 6000 members. An interest sparked, as the Facebook site worked as a community, rather than just a page consumers ‘liked’. The members not only uses the group as a site to ask question to iPhoneLuppen, but they use it to discuss and ask for advice from one another. Due to the abundance of companies on Facebook, successful social media marketing is getting more demanding, as viewers and members expectations rises. It is not enough to just create a page, and expect that it immediately becomes popular and useful. The members need to be nurtured and engaged. I find it interesting how iPhoneluppen’s use of strategy has resulted in a popular and

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engaging website and Facebook page. Nonetheless, the value that social media marketing can influence and play a big part of an internet marketing strategy today, as it is important to promote community participation and user generated content to maintain a good customer relationship management. This ultimately lead me to the angle of this paper. Research Question:

To what extent does the implementation of social media, as part of an internet marketing strategy, have an affect on the web portal: ‘iPhoneluppen’?

• How does the usage of social media affect the attainment and retainment of users? • What role does the community participation play in the execution E-customer relationship marketing?

Theoretical Framework:
e-CRM E-customer relationship marketing, is defined by Chaffey as “using digital communication technologies to maximize sales to existing customers and encourage continued usage of online services customer life cycle”(2009). Some of the benefits when using the internet to implement customer relationship...
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