Internet Marketing Prospects and Impacts on Consumer’s Online Purchase Decisions

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Internet Marketing: Prospects and impacts on consumer’s online purchase decisions

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This dissertation is produced to fulfil the partial requirement for Master’s Degree in Management. I am gratefully indebted to my dissertation supervisor, Mr. ......................................., lecturer and module leader of ..................... College, School of Business and Enterprise, for his valuable idea and guidelines for me, in the entire period of research preparation. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my friends and family members, who shared their time and experience with me, guided me on my path, and who tolerated my rudest remarks on the tension of making this project, and for always being there as a source of inspiration throughout the period of this research work. I am deeply indebted to all the respondents who filled the questionnaire for me, without which this research paper would not have come into existence. Finally, I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents, my family and friends – who form an important part of my social life – for being my source of encouragement in study, and for their invaluable support, care and love in every step of my life.

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26th September, 2011

Table of Contents
1.1 Background5
1.2 Current Scenarios6
1.3 Research Questions7
1.4 Research Objectives8
1.5 Significance of the Research8
1.6 Structure of the Research9
2.1 Fundamentals of Internet Marketing10
2.3 Channels of Internet Marketing13
2.4 Facts and Figures of E-commerce17
2.5 Attitude and Perception towards online purchasing behaviour19
3.1 Research Philosophies and Paradigms22
3.2 Research Desigon22
3.3 Study Area and Sampling Procedure23
3.4 Tools and Techniques of data collection23
3.4.1 Questionnaire24
3.4.2 Case Study24
3.5 Nature and Sources of Data24
3.6 Method of Data Analysis25
3.7 Limitation of the Research25
3.8 Ethical Considerations26
4.1 Reliability analysis27
4.2 Descriptive Analysis27
4.2.1: Major driving factor for shopping online29
4.2.2 Top ten most preferred items intended to buy online29
4.2.3 Kinds of websites preferred to purchase from online30
4.2.4 Channels of product awareness31
4.2.5 Use of social media or in-site product reviews31
4.2.6 Use of search engines32
4.2.7 Attention paid to online advertisements33
4.2.8 Attention towards the online banner ads33
4.2.9 Attention towards the online video ads34
4.2.10 online ads as the source of product information35
4.2.11 Effects of favourite ads35
4.2.12 Impact of internet marketing on online purchase decision36
4.2.13 Security on the trusted sites37
4.2.14 Feeling of insecurity on the unsecured sites38
4.2.15 Online Shopping vs. Traditional Shopping38
4.2.16 Prices on the online store39
4.2.17 Impact of provision of warranty and refund policy40
4.2.18 Issues on the delivery of purchased item41
4.2.19 Impact of customer support/Service on purchase decisions42
4.3 Inferential Statistics43
4.3.1 Cross tabulation and mean analysis43
4.3.2 One way ANOVA test44
4.3.3 Pearson’s Correlation Analysis46
5.1 General Internet Use and Online Shopping Patterns48
5.2 Internet marketing and impact on online purchase decisions49
6.1 Conclusion54
6.2 Recommendations55
6.2.1 Recommendations for the internet marketing practitioners56
6.2.2 Recommendation for the further research57
Appendix 166
Appendix 268
Appendix 370
Appendix 471
Appendix 572
Appendix 673

List of Figures
Figure 2.1: e-communication tool for media channels15
Figure 2.2: SEO and PPC listing on google search engine16
Figure 2.3: Affiliate Marketing16
Figure 2.4: Online product/service intended to purchase in next 6 months...
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