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Topics: Marketing, Research, Primary research Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Previously in P3 I talked about the marketing research used by Cadbury in developing its marketing plans. In these marketing plans Cadbury has found many limitations in their marketing research methods, these are as followed.

Primary Research

The limitations found in Cadbury’s primary research might be the time of day they do street surveys; they are more likely to benefit and get better results if they go at certain times. Some people might not allow taking phone surveys and opting out when specific data (such as phone numbers and addresses) is shared between customer and business. If Cadbury was to do a taste test on the street or at Cadbury World, they would need to state what ingredients are in them in case someone is allergic or can’t eat certain foods because of their culture or diets. There could also be limitations in doing focus groups; the people you have selected may be shy when you really need confident people to attend who can share their opinions on certain products.

Secondary Research

The limitations found in Cadbury’s secondary research might not be accurate and the source of the secondary research should always be checked. The sample used to generate the secondary data could have been a small amount of people and might be best to re do the research yourself, if it doesn’t cost the company too much money. The company giving you the data might not be liable to do so; therefore Cadbury could get into trouble for using it. Another part of secondary research that can be collected can come from Cadbury’s own customer database, this will give them information on how many products have been sold, which sub-brand is most popular, the prices of each brand etc. Cadbury can also gather secondary information from their annual accounts and reports which would show them how much money they are making and where the main profit is coming from (sub-brand). You can get external sources from the internet (from government sites and competition...
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