Internet Marketing: Consumer Behaviour Online

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This paper is an article review of “Segmenting consumers by E-shopping behaviour and online purchase” by Ruiz Mafe Carla and Lassala Navsrre Carlos. This paper explores that the shopping on the Internet has grown tremendously during the past few years. It radically changes the way people live, work and consume. In this study we try to explore that the online shopping in the UK is becoming one of the hottest trends in retailing today. On the other hand, the exponential increases in online shopping and the fast rate of growth in the number of retailers selling online have created an extremely competitive marketplace. In this already highly competitive market, it becomes essential for e-commerce managers to understand the different factors that affect people using the Internet as a new purchasing medium. There are many benefits that attract people to choose online shopping such as convenience, time saving, more available choices and possibly lower prices, however, many people are often hold back as fear of privacy, security and delivery issues in relation to Internet shopping.

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Internet Marketing: Consumer Behaviour Online

With the fast development of internet, E-commerce is receiving greater attention from various organizations and consumers. As part of e-commerce, the online shopping is becoming a trend in the UK as well as in other countries all over the world. There are advantages of online shopping, but also drawbacks. How the consumers perceive the different benefits and risks of online shopping will to a large extent determine their purchasing behaviour. This aims of this paper is to review of all the relevant factors that are presented by Ruiz Mafe Carla and Lassala Navsrre Carlos in their article. t starts with an overview of definition of e-commerce, it then reviews some conventional marketing theories regarding consumer perception and behaviour. It then will summarize the main benefits and risks of online shopping. The Internet gives consumers a much wider choice of products, services and prices from different suppliers and the means to select and purchase items more readily. For organizations, it gives the opportunity to develop new markets, to improve the competitiveness of the company, but it also gives rise to many threats to organizations (Siyal, Chowdhry, Rajput, 2006, 317-329). The Internet allows people to communicate with each other over vast distances, and across all kinds of boundaries that formerly made communication difficult or impossible. Therefore it is able to commercially move business and people to a market in which every thing that is for sale is advertised and every thing that is wanted for purchase is requested somewhere, and buyers and sellers can contact each other with no cost or little cost (Carla & Carlos 2006) The development of electronic commerce (e-commerce) is often claimed to be reshaping almost all industries (Wigand, 1997). It might be somehow overstating the importance of e-commerce, but e-commerce does influence the operation of organizations and people’s activities greatly.

Definition of the E-Consumer
E-commerce has been used as a general term in context of Internet. Some researchers define it as both financial and informational electronically mediated transactions between an organization and any third party it deals with. Many other definitions have been focused on buying and selling using the Internet. (Siyal, Chowdhry & Rajput, (2006), describe it as the sale and purchase of products and services over the Internet. They further explain that the factors associated with e-commerce relate to the net value of both the benefits and costs of a product, and the processes of finding, ordering, and receiving it. E-commerce is generally divided into two types: B2C and B2B. B2C is...
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