Internet Make You Dumber

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Kong 1
Seong Man Kong
Professor Lynda Nicol
29 September 2012

Summary/Response: “Does the Internet Make You Dumber?”

In the article” Does the Internet Make You Dumber?” Nicholas Carr told us about because of the Internet will distract us, down to people can’t have depth thinking when we are

working, and this is the main idea of this article too. In Carr’s article he gave an example which is from Cornell University, some people did an experiment which test two group people in can use internet and can’t use internet ways, the result the people who can use Internet has been distracted, and the people that can use Internet got the lower grade. Carr also showed a point that when people tend to get on Internet, they can’t give the unique thought at their job. In the article second paragraph, Carr has a best foreword to lead us to his main idea, he told about the multimedia, emails, alerts and webs could give some bad affect to us. As proof that affect is around our life, Carr gave three experiment in different University, they were mostly is separate two groups of peoples, one can use Internet, and the other can’t use Internet to show the bad “sequela” in people who huge desire to be online or can be online. The experiment result shows that Carr presumption is right. People will get distracted at the corresponding virtual world. So on, the writer changes the issue to the effect of human brain. People think that surfing the web and technology cause us to use less of our brain, but research shows that this statement is false, because web surfing increase our pace in thinking. Moreover, people are absorbed in reading a

Kong 2
paper book than E-book. Because the people cannot stay focus on reading the electronic things, when...
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