Internet Is a Double-Edged Sword

Topics: Internet, Social network service, Reality Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Internet already becomes a part of most humen's life. Most people would like to sit in front of a computer many hours. Young people would like to share their information on facebook than their parents. Knowing how internet effect people's relationships to other people is important, because there is nothing can replace relationships in human's life and very hard to fix it. First internet will increase loneliness. Acording to stoll, people who would like to spend time on internet will become more lonely. “For every hour each week spent online, this group sharnk by about 4 percent.”(Iso, 1) It is very easy to understand. We only have 24hr each day. When a person spends more time on internet, he would spend less time with his family or real life friends. Those people who live with that person in real life will start leaving him. However, those people who found out on the social network site will not stay online all the time. During the blank time, this person will feel lonely. There is nothing in his life. When a person spends more time on internet, enjoy his own small world more, he is also kept away from outside by internet. Most people know, when those people who are falling in internet. they will not respond to any one, refuse any thing not relate with them, not eating any food until really hungry. If any one tries to stop those people in the middle, they will be yalled or scolded. The effect is not very obsiver in the beginning. It will stack. Like a snow ball becomes bigger and bigger. Under this mode, people are selfcentered. People will be lonely by selfcenter, and be isolated by other people. Second, interenet is almost the fastest way to transfer messages and informations. It is good and bad. It is like a double-edged sword. Different way to use it, it will creat differet endings. Many scandals are released on internet first, than many people share or retwitter it. The imformation will not be able to control any more. The problems related with scandals will...
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