Internet in the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Internet, Leisure Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Miguel Medina
UNV-104 Information and Communication Literacy
Sarah Robertson
Internet in the Workplace
Using a PC at work to browse the web can have both positive and negative effects on the productivity of a company. There are many reasons for using the internet at a place of business, from giving the brain a break from the stressful everyday tasks that are required to perform at work and also for using the web as a way for communicating with business contacts and acquiring useful information. Leisure time browsing the web can both hinder and improve productivity and there are ways to find some common ground between employees and employer for personal use of the internet on company time. There have been studies supporting the fact that there is a positive impact on productivity when management allows its employees to work on their own (Deci, Connel & Ryan, 1989). A study has produced results showing that when given autonomy to its employees to complete jobs under their own supervision and encouraged to take initiative in their work has given those employees a greater satisfaction and loyalty to their employers. Some of the negative effects of employers assuming too much control over their employees can destroy the motivations of employees towards their ability to complete their tasks in an efficient manner. For instance, a study by Lepper and Greene has shown that the children were told that they will be watched during an activity and while the activity was underway, the children showed little interest in the activity compared to the children who thought they were not being observed (Lepper & Greene, 1975).

When it comes to gender and which tends to cyber-slack more in the workplace, it has been shown for reasons more associated with status, that men do receive workplace benefits that women do not. Women tend to be less recognized for their workplace achievements which cause them to spend less time with personal use of the internet. The...
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