Internet Impact Upon Human Society

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Internet has always been indispensable innovation since its birth and people have used it in various aspects since its was invented. Because of its advantages and convenience, people have been using it and have become more and more widespread and thus it is obvious that Internet is changing the way people experience the media. Since it has become widespread, some people are also misusing it for their own goods while harming the other individuals. This paper has covered some of the fields which people are using Internet for and how Internet has changed the way of humans carrying out those fields. It has also discussed about some of the issues rising from using Internet, what kind of impact do we have and how the future of Internet might be.


When Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first man-made object that is sent into the space to orbit the earth, on October 4,1957, the United States was forced to create an invention that would surpass the sputnik technology. In February 1958, the United States formed a research team named Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which would help the United States to be ahead in technology field. This is where the innovation of Internet started. ARPA played an important role in developing the Internet. With the help of the knowledge of packet-switching theory, the setting-up of nodes (hosts), the sending of electronic messages, Internet gradually came alive. Internet eventually expanded in 1980s and grew bigger and bigger by the easy access from personal computers and modems. When WWW (world wide web) was introduced in 1991, Internet development was unstoppable since people do not need to know the complex commands to use Internet. They only need a WWW browser to use Internet. Later on, World Wide Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera are developed and they help us navigate the web pages. From there, the growth of Internet has been expanding and never stopping till now.

Since we are living in exponential time, we can notice that the pace of technology changing is incredible, from the past to present, where there was no Internet to the widespread use of Internet. Internet has been the medium for sharing information among users. It contains infinite information. It provides countless services that also change the human culture and environment by altering the way we process our daily lives and making the processes easier and make the lifestyles more comfortable. It is the major historical innovation, which changes most of the major aspects of humans’ lives such as communication, education, business and etc. This will be elaborated on the later part of the research paper.

As we all know, nothing is perfect. Even though Internet seems to be the ideal tool for communication, it has its own downsides. It is addictive and causes negligence of others. We spend hours of times in chat rooms without realizing that time is passing. It is dangerous. Hackers might get our personal information through the Internet using programs. There are spams, viruses and malwares that can harm our computers. Children can easily access pornography websites.

Current Issues

There are many services that Internet can provide a user such as education, information portal, e-commerce, and entertainment besides communication.

Let us take education as the example. Now the technology has changed the way of teaching methods. Schools have offered E-learning portals where students can download the course information, where teachers can upload the content of the lessons in advance so that the students can download them are read them in advance. The technology has enabled students to take courses online, and thus the teaching style has changed from the classroom and seminar teaching style to staying at home and computer using style. This type of education might help the students to avoid common school issues such as bullying and...
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