Internet - Hasty Generalization

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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The worst thing people can do is assume that the Internet is safe. It should be common knowledge, given the fact that some people have been known to impersonate others, or attempt to steal information via supposedly private feeds. We all tell our children not to talk to strangers or open strange emails when online but in reality, adults are just as easy prey as their offspring. Facebook, despite it’s lengthy security settings and fan base, is highly suseptible to hacking, theft and identity fraud. Whatever is posted on the Internet is permanently there for all to see, no matter what security we deem is proficient enough. People assume this because Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, adjusts privacy for online activity and now we’re suddenly safe from information leaking to unwanted attention. Almost anyone who has access to a computer can easily find and locate anyone they wish to, with the proper search technique. Once they find a last name, they may easily discover an address, phone number, possibly even credit card details. Nothing posted online is safe from peering eyes. This is a fact we seem to neglect on most occasions.

The social website that we’ve come to embrace as a large part of our social lives, can easily end up being our demise if we aren’t careful what we say. Postings can be misread, information stolen and soon we’re fighting to regain control of our Web-drenched lives. No matter what secure procedures are practiced, there will always be people whose sole mission is to break that seal and wreak havoc. Facebook was meant as a means of connecting people, not to be a personal diary of our lives and info. Yet people continue to do so at their own risk, laying their private matters in the hands of a networking, assuming that everything will be fine. What happened to the old days when people would write in notebooks and journals, instead of posting every little thought and smearing it across the nearest...
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