Internet for Children

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internet for children are good or not
internet for children are good or not
Today internet usage is very widespread and not just wealthy. Even people with lower educational backgrounds are now already familiar with the name of the internet. That's because of the easy access to the Internet either through the mobile phone or an internet cafe. There are internet cafes everywhere, internet packages offered very cheap, so are people accessing, old, young, youth, children, teens, parents make the facility to gain friendships widely and can share information. but not only that, the internet can also be a negative impact, for example, porn sites and online gaming. The problem is how to control and supervise the children and teens who are under age to avoid going to websites that are not age-appropriate. the purpose of this essay is to decide whether children should use the internet? Many people think that the internet is very important at this age. There are many benefits of the internet. The first Internet can be used as media in share experiences and information, for example interactive conversation via chat, other than to get more friends. Internet also gives ease to find information for a given task, news, dictionaries, encyclopedias, articles, scientific journals and research in domestic and foreign. The second internet can be a place to be creative and devotes ideas without time and space are limited. Internet also offers entertainment or gaming website that can sharpen motor skills of children. On the other side of the internet can be a bad influence for children. For example, often children addicted to online games that cause them to spend more time on sites that are fun rather than repeat the lessons that have been taught in school. Internet also can make children lazy to get in touch with the people and the outside world (the real world). Social networking sites often make children fixated only on activities or life virtual world. Especially the ease of...
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