Internet Exposure

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Background of the study
The Internet was initially developed by the U.S Defense Department and was at one time only popular within the research community. Its ability to share information across organizations and to interact with the people at low cost has gradually enticed other sectors to explore its use. Today, the Internet has an impact on every side of our life including business operation, education, communication, entertainment, social activity, shopping, and so on (Nielsen, 2006). In a survey conducted by Higher Education Institute of California, Los Angeles 2007 they have found out that in 31,500 first-year students at 114 colleges and universities in the United States 94 % of them reported spending time on online social networking websites during a typical week. Students who spent more time on these online spaces tended to report higher levels of difficulty in managing their time and developing effective study skills.

Result of the study made by Willoughby (2008), found that most adolescents (93.9% of boys, 94.7% of girls) reported using the Internet in both early high school and late high school. In contrast, only 80.35 of boys and 28.8% of girls reported playing computer games. According to Willoughby, the use of computer games was associated with a decrease in academic performance. Those who reported using the internet less or excessively tended to have lower levels of academic performance than those who used it moderately. On the other hand however, in Suhail and Bargee’s (2006) survey study with 200 university students from Pakistan, around three quarters of respondents noted positive effects of Internet use on their learning in at least three aspects. First, Internet use improved their grades. Second, the Internet expanded their reading, writing, and information-processing skills. Third, the Internet has proved a helpful tool in their studies.

In the study conducted by a group of nursing students in the University of Santo Tomas (2009) the researchers have come up with a conclusion that social networking sites do affect one’s academic performance adversely. It directly causes the gradual drop of grades of students. Excessive use of these sites has influenced students to consider entertainment over learning (Burce et. al. 2009).

A study of Balakrishnan (2010) suggests regarding the use of internet that it is important to search, identify, evaluate and use these information sources for their educational purposes. As students they should take the advantage of the ability to use information from the internet for their learning activities

In a preliminary survey conducted, out of 30 respondents 20 of them said that they spend more than 5 hours surfing the net. When asked about their purpose in using the internet, 15 of them use internet mostly to socialize and for entertainment and 13 for research. When the respondents were asked regardingthe disadvantages of using internet, 13answered lack of sleep and9 of answered lack of concentration to study their lesson. Because of these reported cases, researchers opted to conduct a study to further analyze the relationship between students’level of exposure to internet and their academic performance.

Statement of the Problem
General Objectives
This study will be conducted to determine the relationship between level of internet exposure and students’ academic performance in University of San Agustin, Iloilo. Specific Objectives:
More specifically, this study seeks to answer the following: 1. What is the profile of nursing students as to their sex and year level? 2. What is the level of exposure to Internet among selected nursing students? 3. What is the academic performance of the selected nursing students? 4. Is there a significant relationship between the nursing student’s profile and the level of their internet exposure? 5. Is there a significant relationship between the selected nursing student’s profile and...
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