Internet Effects on Students

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Internet effects on students

Since the last 30 years, there have been many technological changes and development. During that period, computer and internet are among the fastest developed technologies. But in that particular period, there have been similar dawns. Films, radio, records, broadcast television, audiotape, videotape, programmed learning machines, etc. These changes of technologies have also affected our learning institutions such as school, college and universities. In fact the impact on the bulk of teaching and learning has been minimal. The internet connects computer networks all over the world so that users can share resources and communicate with each other. Some computers can access directly to all the facilities on the internet such as the universities, colleges and schools. And other computers, for example privately-owned or stand alone ones, are links indirectly through a commercial service provider, which can give partial or full of the Internet facilities. In order to be connected to Internet, you must go through service suppliers. There is a lot of options offered with monthly rates basis depending on the option chosen, access time may be different. The Internet is what we call a metanetwork, consisting a network that spans the entire globe. It is hard to give an exact count of the number of networks or users that comprise the Internet, but it is easily in the thousands and millions respectively.

The Internet have a set of standardized protocols which allow for the sharing of resources among different kinds of computers and users that communicate with each other on the network. These standards, sometimes referred to as the Internet Protocol Suite, are the rules that developers adhere to when creating new functions for the Internet. The Internet is also what we call a distributed system; there is no central archives. Technically, no one runs the Internet. Rather, the Internet is made up of thousands of smaller networks. The Internet are develops by many users who finds a new ways to create, display and retrieve the information that constitutes the Internet.

At the beginning, the Internet was originally used by the Department of Defense as a way to protect government communications systems in the event of a military strike. The original network, called ARPANet which has been developed by Advanced Research Projects Agency, evolved into a communications channel among contractors, military personnel, and university researchers who were contributing to ARPA projects. In order to create an effective way of communications and data sharing with each others, the network has been made up with a set of standard protocols. In the 1980’s, ARPAnet spreads popularly and widely among researchers. Because of that, the National Science Foundation(NSFNet) has linked several

high speed computers and took charge of what had come to be known by all of us as the Internet. Thousands of cooperating networks participate in the Internet during the late 1980’s. In 1991, the U.S. High Performance Computing Act established the NREN (National Research & Education Network). NREN's objectives was to develop and maintain high-speed networks for research and education, and to investigate commercial uses for the Internet. The rest, as they say, is history in the making. The Internet has been improved through the developments of several services such as Gopher and the World Wide Web. Internet continues to grow as an informational, creative, and commercial resources every day and in all over the world even though it is predominantly thought as a research oriented network. (American University in Cairo, 2002)

Almost more than one third of the population in the world aware of internet. It is probably one of the most buzzed words in the modern era. The younger generation is completely dependent on the Internet. The present generation does not need anything else when they have access to the Internet. Most of students now hardly...
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