Internet Danger

Topics: World Wide Web, Identity theft, MySpace Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Christopher PerdikakisFeb 29, 2011

Internet Dangers and Safety Rules

The internet is an amazing source of information. It’s a wonderful source for all ages to turn to. There are a lot of good uses for the internet. But today I am going to talk about the dangers to the internet and ways you can protect your family. I will focus on 3 specific dangers on using the internet, inappropriate material, Online Predators and Financial Concerns. The World Wide Web offers a totally different world to children and teens. Its offers them fun, entertainment, education, shopping and a way to connect with friends even meet new ones. This is where parents need to be very wary of your children online and online predators. Online predators look for young children on the internet. Predators can come in contact with your children in many different ways. One particular way is on social networks, Facebook, MySpace etc. They create profiles using false information. So that other children would believe that they are also children just looking to make friends. One way to protect your child is block unknown users from searching for your child. Make sure they never post personal information. Never send photos to people you do not know. They can always Photoshop your photo and use it for inappropriate material. This brings me to my next danger inappropriate material. There are many ways that your child can come in contact with inappropriate material, email, newsgroups, chat rooms even pop up ads. There are many ways to protect your children. One is monitoring your child’s online usage. Another way is make sure your child never clicks on or opens any link or pop up that comes up while online. They can also install a pop up blocker which will stop pop ups. And once again never ever send or post photos on any newsgroups, discussion boards etc. Now for the last danger but a very serious one financial concerns. Identity theft happens all the time online. The thieves go...
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