Internet Components and Web Technology

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Internet has become an inseperable part of the life of any person of the 21st century. We spend hours surfing the net but yet we would fail to answer even a basic question on how internet operates? Thus, we would like to thank Prof. Ameya Shettye for selecting our group for such a project topic. It as been a very educational experience working on this topic and surprising how all the components work together in sync within fraction of seconds and result in us enjoying the internet. We would also like to thank all those who have helped in the completion of this project. Hope it fulfills your expectations.

The immense growth of information and technology within short expanse of time has prompted many to utilise it as a medium of communication. This idea has now been put into pragmatic usage by means of internet. The internet is a new communication technology that influences us on a large scale. The internet also called as the Net, is the world’s largest network. It is not a single network but a global inter-connected network of network’s providing free exchange of information. The definition for internet, which can be best understood by a layman, is that the internet consists of incredible number of participants, connected machines, software programmes, and a massive quantity of information spread all around the world. The internet is similar to peer-to-peer connectivity. The net delivers data from one place to another. It provides interesting services like email, file retrieval and other internet tools. Several computers all over the world are networked together. Unlike other communications, internet provides easy access to all. We can share data, ideas without any discretion of age, creed and country. Internet is also a source of software. A new service or software can be downloaded with in a few minutes. We can write internet applications that are compatible with all internet software. The windows internet software available are Mosaic, Gopher, Eudora and Trumpet. The net is expanding fast providing new resources.

What is World Wide Web?
The World Wide Web (www), which is the part of the net is a collection of web pages. It contains information that can be a combination of text, pictures and hyperlinks. The web is the graphic medium and most of the web pages have an image. The web browser is the software with which we can use a different aspect of the internet like usenet news group, file libraries and so on The increasing popularity of the net is mainly because of the World Wide Web. Some of the advantages are: 1 It enables easy navigational facility. Clicking on a link can take us to our destination. 2 Web pages allow multimedia applications. They contain links to sounds file also. 3 Web documents allow user-interactions freely with the applications through dialog boxes and forms. 4 A link can be used to open not only documents but also FTP session or search engines like archie and veronica.

The history of broadband is the history of the Internet, which went from an experiment to a trillion-dollar, worldwide industry in 30 years. The Internet preceded broadband by a few years, starting in the 1950s as a US Defence Department project to enable university computer systems to communicate with one another for national security purposes. As human nature would have it, the university computer people began using the project to communicate with other people. By 1983, the Internet was being accessed by dial-up modems over ordinary telephone lines. Mushrooming expansion of Internet users worldwide led Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to develop faster rates of data transmission, and broadband was introduced in 2000. It soon led ISPs to compete for customers, bringing the price of broadband service down and making it the most popular form of Internet access. * A glimpse at some Internet...
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