Internet Censorship

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The battle over the internet has been going on for a long time.. People have debated whether the internet is a domain controlled by the government, or a free land populated by memes and emails. Before you choose, know this. The internet was invented to share information; specifically research and development for science and the military. Now it has grown into a tool which allows social networking, information transfer, business, shopping, and so much more, all which has contributed to globalization. However, the government plans to stop that. The government is censoring content on the internet that they find inappropriate. This would effectively remove the content from the internet, with no way to access them. The internet might have been made to trade off military documents, but it is now the people’s domain with over 2.2 billion global internet users today.

First of all, censoring the internet violates the first amendment, our freedom of speech and press. It would also prevent a free flow of ideas. The internet is a place where you are free to express yourself and interact through social networking, e-mails, and more. A child browsing the internet will find something inappropriate; parents should block it and try to avoid children’s minds from being corrupted in the future. However, it depends what someone decides is inappropriate. Somebody might be offended by a racist joke, but another person might find it hilarious. Censoring the internet would also interrupt ideas that people might have wanted to put on the internet. It would affect social networking sites by censoring comments and posts that may be controversial. Censoring the internet would prevent people from enjoying crude comedy, no matter how harmless or dangerous they seem.

Also, censoring the internet would oppose creativity and globalization. There are many sites on the internet that allow creativity and globalization, one of them being Youtube. Many videos on Youtube can be considered...
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