Internet Cafe Time Monitoring System

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I.T. Research

Background of the Study

Information technology at the present time is vast and progressive. It is being integrated to almost most of our daily activities. It is so progressive that one must always be informed and skilled to keep pace of the changing technology. With this reality, many ideas and improvements are designed and developed to make computer technology attainable and flexible. People of all ages must be prepared and equipped with all the basic skills and knowledge to make individuals competent and literate in the information age.

In our world today, business is one of the most reliable source of income especially here in the Philippines, and there are lots of business here in our country. Internet Café was one of the most fast growing businesses here. You can practically see it anywhere, in our neighborhood; inside the malls and mostly near universities or schools. In this modern time of ours, technology has big role in our society making computer one of those very valuable things we need in life. It has a very big role when it comes to our education, work, lifestyle, etc. And because not all of us can afford to have their own computer, Internet Cafes have been made and become an answer to out problems.

Managing an Internet Café is not that easy, there are lots of things thing that you must consider to make your business last, and there still a rise of demand in an Internet Café , lots of internet cafés offer lower prices to the service rendered to keep the competitive advantage among others. But oftentimes, quality of the service they provide is often compromised such al lower internet connectivity; slower speculation of the computer itself; crowded and not well ventilated and sometimes the business transaction are interrupt with some...
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