Internet Boon or Bane

Topics: Management, Internet, Information systems Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: December 22, 2012
The Internet is redefining business on a global scale, creating a revolution that is impacting all industry sectors. Its rapid spread into companies and organisations around the world, the exponential growth of the traffic it carries, and the overflowing reservoir of its information and data resources makes it an extremely valuable tool to have. By incorporating telecommunications, computer and software technologies, electronic commerce, and multimedia applications, the "Net" is changing the way companies do business. The Internet provides the companies with tremendous opportunities to reach new markets and provide new services. Managers need to view the Internet in the context of other forces affecting the future of its business. We have entered a period in which the old formulas for corporate success are no longer viable, and new solutions seem to have an ever-decreasing shelf life. Even the most advanced technology cannot offer a competitive advantage for very long these days without skillful and forward looking management. An Internet connection can provide many crucial benefits for any company. It offers a head start in the race to integrate high speed networks into all aspects of business. With all the benefits that the Internet can offer there are many problems associated with it as well. Managers must be able to recognise and address these problems. For example type of connections and communications costs, how and what type of connection is most cost effective? The Internet is growing at an enormous pace and changes to it have been so rapid, it can deliver important information resources and awareness of the world directly to the desktops of all the employees connected to the Internet. Access to this much information all at once can be overwhelming. Management must support the users to be able to understand and cope with this. The manager must also tackle the issue of non-business use by employees of the Internet and meeting the demands of customers for...
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