Internet Based Educational Support for Students in Developing Countries

Topics: Education, Communication, Developing country Pages: 5 (1400 words) Published: May 20, 2011
TITLE PAGE Internet based Educational support for Students in Developing countries
CHAPTER 1Introduction
Significance of this study

CHAPTER 2Background
Literature review

CHAPTER 3Methodology

CHAPTER 4Results

CHAPTER 5Conclusions and Recommendations



The internet is a collection of computers connect together electronically over the world. The internet is also a collection of devices that are used for communication. People can make phone calls, send emails and chat using the internet. In order wards the internet is a tool for transfer of information. It can also be used for business and education. Many people communicate and exchange ideas through the internet. The internet also has forums where people can talk, do business and solve problems. It has made the internet one of the most powerful medium for exchange and transfer of ideas. This has also made it a major tool for educating people in the world. So the need and importance of the internet as a tool for education can’t be over emphasized.

The problem most developing countries have with internet based education are; lack of money, little interest in internet based education, inadequate supply of electric power and low standards of technology. In this paper, the researcher is going to consider the problems faced by the developing countries, in the areas of information and communication technology (ICT) education. There will also be suggestions of ways developing can handle these challenges.

The world is becoming a place, where people can communicate with other people in so many countries. People who are far apart can now speak with each other, send mail in the form of emails, chat and make friends.

It was the introduction of the internet that made this possible. The internet is made up of computers which are connected electronically, all over the world. The major benefit of the internet over other forms of communication gadget, like the telephone and the fax machine is that the internet generates both sound, pictures and show peoples action.

Due to this major advantage of the internet, people can now meet, talk and make friends. These actions in the past and today are resulting in marriage, businesses and education. One major way people learn about other countries, new scientific discoveries and latest technology is through the internet. Of recent most developing countries are now incorporating the use of the internet for business and communication. In fact most students are now made to apply for admission to different institutions and take examinations on the internet. This is now the case in some developing countries. Nigeria is an example of such countries.

People such as; students, teachers or instructors, people who work in the public and private sector, use the internet to communicate. People also us use the internet to communicate with both people in their city and outside the country.

The internet has helped in enlightening and educating many people in Nigeria and other developing countries. Though the internet has been helping a lot of people, I observed that the educational sector of the country has had little internet based education. This is the case because government and school owners have not appreciated the use of the internet enough. They have not made efforts to improve internet education in schools. I believe if they do this, our schools would be better places to learn science, technology and communication.


The Purpose of this research of this research is to evaluate, and suggest methods that developing countries would adopt to improve on their standard of education. Now, the internet is one tool that any country and persons can use to improve on their educational standard. Though there are many opinions and views about the internet, Its remains the easiest way of...
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