Internet and Stricter Controls

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Website Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Nowadays, the benefits the Internet brings are blatantly obvious: it makes our lives easier and brings people closer. On the other hand, the Internet also has its other side. Overusing the web can make the Internet users vulnerable to e-crime, dirty contents, and waste of their valuable time. The main problem associated with the use of web is the potential dangers from e-crime. These days, many people use the web to do shopping online or take part in online communities like forums. As the result, their private and secret information like card number can potentially be revealed to e-criminals like hackers or crackers who may use that information to commit e-crime. Another problem is that young Internet users can be poisoned by dirty contents which are available everywhere on the Internet. For example, web sites with porn images or sex-related contents can provoke innocent thoughts of children. Consequently, they may have sex too early or commit such crimes like rape. Furthermore, overusing the web can waste people their valuable time. For instance, the officers can spend a great deal of time shopping, listening to music, playing online games while they are at work. Their efficiency and productivity therefore can be reduced.

The primary solution to these problems is that public awareness should be raised among all Internet users. For those who do activities like shopping or emailing should be equipped with knowledges to protect their precious information. This can be done by themselves or by the shoppers who own the sites. Another solution is that parents should impose stricter controls over their children. A good measure is to let children use the web at particular time under the supervision of their parents. The employers can also apply the same measures to their employees by limiting access to the web at particular time. Additionally, softwares like firewalls or content filters can be used to block access to unwanted sites.

To conclude, while the Internet...
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