Internet and People

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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internet is an international social network, now most of people use computer for working, studying and chatting. it becomes an most important tool. some people think we can't do anything if we don't have internet, because when it was connected to independent world such as download data, programs, game, picture etc, it makes our lives more convenient than before。 it also can Improve the rhythm of life, because when we have question we can search it online quickly, such google and yahoo. we can find solution fast. otherwise, there are some opposing opinion about internet, they think it is harm to people lives, because more and more people are crazy about games.They don't want to do anything except play games. it is bad for their health. in additional, people will loose communication by face to face, it makes live unreal. Internet also has risk to receive spy ware. in my opinion, although internet has advantages and disadvantages, there are more advantages exist in the life.

for the above issue, there are three authors who have different opinion. first is Tyler Cowen in his "Three Tweets for the Web" he thinks modern technology help enhance and deepen our life experiences, especially internet, because he thinks the older generation will be replaced by the new generation with their advanced technology, so we should welcome the new world. the second author Peter Suderman in his article "Treading Water in a Sea of Data" ,

he provides the information has taken over our lives, it is overload because of technology. the third author is Christine Rosen, he writes his paper"In the Beginning was the Word"he says owning an e-reader such as Kindle or a nook is better for our lives,because it can help us "deep reading" and understand more.

the internet makes our lives more convenient and it saves more time for us. through the internet, we can search for useful data and get to know current events immediately.Cowen thinks the technology can help us do many more...
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