Internet and Intranet Management

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Intranet and Internet Management

Department of Computing
Masters of Computing programme
(Course Weighting 20%)

Assignment 1 (Individual)
Due on April 13, 2013

Assessed By
Mr. Shaneel Narayan

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Anuradha Vadlamani
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Date of Submission April 12, 2013

Executive Summary

The incorporation of Internet and Intranet technology into CNZ Grammar, a large secondary school in a major NZ city with over 1500 students provides cost effective powerful solutions for operational & educational needs f students and administrative requirements. An Internet –based also has reduced requirements for development deployment and maintenance when compared to client server systems. Also internet and Intranet technology can co-exist with existing client server systems, providing to the expanded functionality and laboratory systems to support change in requirements as change is inevitable every and internet and intranet technology is nowhere an exception to change.

Laboratories can realize the power of Internet and Intranet technology in two major areas. First, Internet based laboratory applications provide a dynamic mechanism for information distribution among the students & faculty. Delivery of all day-to-day reports in any direction with the organization by fax, mail and BBS is replaced by e-mail delivery and on demand information access by the students and parents.

Secondly, as private networks with the functionality, compatibility, and openness of the Internet, the Intranet concept raises unique possibilities for schools. School Intranets can be used to increase communications, efficiently access information and lower costs of paper and photocopying.  Intranets can also facilitate a hierarchal educational approach. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing education today is preparing students for an ever-changing world while making to do with fewer financial resources. The Intranet may be the key to facing these challenges. 

Executive Summary2
1.0 Introduction4
1.1 Internet Vs Intranet4
1.2 Nexus Model4
1.3 Facts and Figures6
2.0 The Existing System7
2.1 Networking Blocks in Education System8
2.2 Current Network Infrastructure8
3.0 Possible solutions to support future requirements8
3.1 Enabling Technologies for Your School's LAN8
3.2 Upgrade in Electronics8
3.3 Infrastructure Upgrade8
3.4 Replacement of switches and routers in place of hubs9
3.5 Requirements for High-Speed LANs9
3.6 Migrating from Hubs to Switches9
4.0 Cost Assessment Factors Analysis & Evaluation.10
4.1 Maintenance costs10
4.2 Lost productivity costs11
4.3 Intangibles11
5.0 Comparison of hardware used (Cables) in the wiring of the proposed network11
6.0 Cost/benefit Analysis12
7.0 Security13
8.0 Proposed Network Diagram for the CNZ Grammar School13
8.1 Design aspects of network14
9.0 Managing Web Content15
10.0 Management Issues/ Challenges and Opportunities16
11.0 Recommendations17
12.0 Conclusion17

1.0 Introduction
An essential fact when measuring effectiveness of private portals is to recognize and account how their purpose is similar to, but conceptually different from, internet portals. In internet portal sites business model is based on attracting a portion of the advertising budgets of corporate that otherwise advertise in other media. It is into establishment of one directional relationship with viewers. Private portal takes entirely a different character. Its purpose or mission is to add sufficient value for its customers to create a sustainable business model. It takes its features from mandate to operate at world class efficiency and effectiveness. Achieving this requires a bidirectional model that can support the...
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