Internet and Information Paper

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Internet and Information paper
Hello Friend,
I would have to say in my own opinion that there are many good things that you can do with the internet. There is really almost no limit to the information that you can find on numerous subjects on the internet. You can find information a lot faster than if you did not have the internet, so it does make things simpler. It can be hazardous to use though and to be sure the information you find is credible requires a great deal of thought, you must think critically, and it means a lot of research. You will find that finding the information you desire to be the easy part, verifying the validity of that information will be more difficult. To know whether you can trust a source or not the first thing you need to do is come up with certain questions to ask yourself each time you need to check a sources credentials. I ask questions like “Who is behind the source? Is it a well-known institution or person? Where does it originally come from? Does it indicate an author? Is the article old or up-to-date? How well written is the article?”. After that research is the key to knowing the truth, even after you answer these questions you still need to back up the information you find, meaning look for other sources to make sure the information you have found to factual instead of pure opinion not based on facts. References are also helpful to find, if enough different people have used a source and have found it to be helpful and useful to their research it is a good sign you can trust the source. Of course the amount of research you do is dependent on what the information is for, if the research you are doing is for professional use or academics, you are better of covering your basis as much as possible but if it is for your personal use then there is a little more leeway, then it depends on just how much you need the information obtained to be factual. On to the digital divide you mentioned, this is a tricky subject but I will...
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