Internet and Email Marketing Strategy

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Case Study - AirAsia's Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Good day! Here I would like to share with you my believe and personal experience on Email Marketing Strategy with AirAsia.

For those who has read the newspaper yesterday 2006-11-08 or subscribed to AirAsia e-newsletter, you may notice that AirAsia is currently having a promotion "2007 Knock Out Sale" with airfares starting as low as RM0.99. According to the latest sales report, the total amount of confirm purchases generated from the AirAsia e-newsletter stands at RM18,040,858.57 (approximately USD4,747,594.36) within 24 hours of the newsletter blast since yesterday and the number is still growing! And this does not included the regular online booking, travel agents booking and call centre booking.

As you may know, AirAsia is an e-commerce driven's company. On all AirAsia print ads you will notice that the word "" is placed at the bottom of the ads, and further more, it is even bigger than the visual of the company's logo. The idea is simple, to drive potential customers to the website and reducing call centre operation cost.

From my personal point of view, the AirAsia commercial division is strong and the web team know how to fully utilized the Internet technologies to maximize the marketing objectives through e-business marketing, CRM, online promotion/advertisement, content strategy and etc. For example, using a mailing list in online promotions such as, having empty seats on the upcoming flight. And I've seen the results, it is very effective.

On the email blast, AirAsia has Internet technologies to track the effectiveness in thier email promotion, such as email sent, opened, clicked and booked details. And of course, an effective email marketing campaign does not only use tools, it is also needs good strategy planning such as when, what, where and who is the targeted market. However, having "great deals" are the main reason why people book flights with AirAsia.

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