Internet and Democracy

Topics: Scientific method, Plato, Mass media Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Prior to the internet, the way people obtained their information was much different. Most people received their information from biased sources such as the television, radio, and newspaper. Most people did not have a way to access unbiased information because they were not able to research and go beyond what the media was saying. Because of this, people only knew what the media wanted them to know. As a result the information was limited, conflicting and less than helpful. Therefore, the democracy system was not as successful. But the internet was developed, and it changed the way we access our information for the better. The internet has become a powerful and essential tool in democracy by providing unbiased information leading to invaluable knowledge. The internet currently has a profound positive effect on democracy because it changes the way we receive our information and stay informed. First, it has increased the time it takes for information to travel from one place to another. Within minutes, millions of people know what is happening. Second, it has made the availability of information more widespread than ever before. People from all over the world can now stay in touch easily. Third and most importantly, it has made information sharing more accurate because it contains unfiltered content. We no longer have to get all our information from filtered, biased sources. The profound positive effects we receive from the changes in information accessibility are the opportunities to be more knowledgeable and well informed. Knowledge is the key to power and can be used as a very powerful tool. The more knowledge and informed people are, the more successful the democracy will be.
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