Internet and Childern

Topics: Internet, Instant messaging, Communication Pages: 7 (2783 words) Published: May 13, 2013
The internet has revolutionized our lives and our society. It has changed the way we communicate, learn, and conduct business. The internet has made such a huge impact on our society that many can’t imagine life without it. Now we don’t have to spend hours looking for information in our libraries, the information is available to us anytime with just one click of the mouse. This form of technology has an impact on all aspects of our changing society from parenting, to dating, from conducting business and learning how to communicate. Kids today are so computer savvy that parenting takes on a new role. Weather we like it or not the internet is an ever growing part of our world and there is no turning back.

Connection in Time
My children will never fully understand what life is without the technology of the internet. The internet has such an impact on today’s society in how we communicate, learn, entertain, and search for anything the human mind can think of. How our society functions on a day-to-day basis often involves the use of the internet. However, while the technology of the internet is amazing in itself, the effects of the internet may be doing our society harm. Our adolescents may not be learning how to communicate face-to-face because of the growing technology of instant messenger or “twittering.” The use of this technology has allowed many to respond on their own time and use nothing more than a quick short message. Is it possible that facial expressions, body posture, and nonverbal communication cues have gone wireless? Have marriages and careers been negatively affected due to the over use of the internet? As with all technology, there is a spectrum between what is good and bad, and the internet is not one to be overlooked. For every good thing the internet has accomplished, such as email, instant message, paperless billing, and online video there have also been consequences. These include porn, crime, gambling addiction, and the possible destruction of childhood socialization. Relationships have changed, and society is being negatively affected by the over use of the internet and time spent with unknown people. The result of all this cannot do anything but lead to a very different society.

The internet is often used as a tool to stay in social contact as many want to maintain a connection with others. It's believed the Internet was born in 1969 when two computers at the University of California, Los Angeles, were connected by a 15-foot cable, with bits of meaningless data flowing between them (Henderson. 40). According to D. Svantesson author of “ Right reputation in the Internet era”, it is very difficult to keep the online reputation separate from not being online. Many people who sell items online need to keep a good reputation in order to be successful. It is also hard to have the face-to-face contact that many people find most appealing during most interactions with others. McCornack, the author of Reflect and Relate, has done extensive research about human interaction and interpersonal communication. McCornack (2001) states, “You convey content information verbally (through words), you communicate relationship information primarily through nonverbal cues such as vocal tone, pitch and volume; facial expression, eye contact and posture” (2001, 25). Humans are social by nature, and we are gradually changing our communication style with the use of technology. Can we be fully satisfied with using this new communication tool? Communicating with email or instant messenger steals facial expression from us no matter how many visual clips we insert or smiley faces we attach. Without nonverbal cues it leaves the door open to assumptions and many times can lead to miscommunication. The internet may be robbing us of these nonverbal cues that are important in our growth and relationships. This growing fad is changing new generations in that they may be missing out on...
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