Internet and American Society

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Xiomara Bryan
SOC 100-921
Spring 2013
The Internets' Influence on American Society

From the late 1950's to early 1900's what is known as the digital era emerged, forever changing society as we once knew it . Since then communicating with people and the ability to obtain quick information has never been more easier. From emails, chat rooms, web sites, short message services, and video chatting the internet has become embedded to the average persons everyday life. Since the emergence of the digital age the use of the internet has become almost essential for daily life.

Though with the invention of the internet that makes everyday life seem rather convenient the societal question arises whether has society become too dependent on cyberspace or not? Or is the fact that society becomes dependent a positive influence in society? The decade debate has argued both sides. One side argues that the internet has deteriorated face to face contact, bringing about a generation that has become increasingly isolated from normal social interaction. Another side argues that the internet has done nothing but enhance the way individuals live and of great use for the educational system as well as provide an immense source of information that can only benefit society.

It is safe to say the digital age has brought upon great change into American culture. In this modern society people can do just about anything with an computer and, or smart phone. The digital age has not only made life more convenient but has benefited the educational system in a very positive way for both the schools and the students. Activities people would once regularly have to leave their for, have now been changed into a much more easier task with the invention of the internet. From buying and clothes and items to booking airplane flights to accessing ones bank account, the internet has become a new part of society's daily life. (Yusof, 2011)

Along with the daily activities that have made a positive impact on everyday life due to the digital age education as well has changed for the better. Years ago it would have been next to impossible for people of a lower class to ever obtain any form of education considering education was thought only to be for those who were noble or had a lot of wealth . With one of the first technological advancements, which was known as the printing press, people of a lower class could now learn to read and receive a form of education (Tilson, 2005) Since then technological advancements have shown to benefit the educational system. Once cyberspace surfaced students found themselves able to take online courses for those whose lives were very busy, students could electronically mail their teachers work and even have a form of instant contact with them with the use of e-mail. Teachers as well could assign work online, also the internet provided a great source of knowledge for a student. Maroki (2011) says " On the other hand, they maintain that the internet brings immediacy and individualization in the curriculum since the internet brings up-to-date materials like articles, data, reports, surveys, photographs, maps and is capable of transforming the curriculum."

.Businesses and companies have benefited a great deal since the development of the internet and cyberspace. Many known companies now have websites where you can order their products , alone side with having the store brining in money as well. Companies run many of their transactions and financial orders within cyberspace, it also provides them with a sufficient security system so all their personal files are safe and confidential. Morozov(2009) reports "In some sense cyberspace has made life relatively easy for companies: they don't need to beat up journalists anymore; they just need to beat up Google." What is meant by this is that since the uprising of the internet businesses and companies have learned to rely on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is an...
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