Internet Ads Invade My Privacy

Topics: Internet, Pop-up ad, Website Pages: 3 (1187 words) Published: March 16, 2012
Invade My Privacy
Pop-up ads invade my time and my life with nonsense and risks. They gather information that sends my personal data out into the vortex of the cyber world for anyone to access, with a few key strokes. Privacy on the internet seems to be non-existent with the developments of ad-based web sites, which use pop-ups, banner ads and video commercials, utilizing surveys and polls to gather census-like data to help fund these ads sites. I do not agree with being forced to provide personal information, such as my income, family head count, gender, religion, etc. in order to fund a service that does not interest me. Some of these invasive ads can crash my computer with just a simple click, or even drop hundreds of viruses onto my system without my knowledge.

When I am deep in thought, and intensely researching, shopping or socializing on the internet, the last thing I want is an ad to bombard my screen and offer me something that I have no interest in. Typically, this takes place with 99% of the Web sites I visit. I am asked to participate in a survey to help such and such company get a better idea of what types of people are visiting their site. The irritation seeps from my every pore, as I was not visiting their site in the first place. I was shopping for video games or a cell phone, not looking for a no interest credit card or lowest home mortgage rates. No, I do not wish to win $1000.00 today, as I know that once I enter my information I will be sent to a new window, a new site, and asked to complete several offers in order to qualify. Once those offers are completed, which usually end up costing me several hundred dollars and a few subscriptions to services I really do not have any interest in, I still do not fully qualify for the money. I, like most people, close them, and forget about them. If I accidentally click on the ad, while trying to close it, some of my sensitive information is automatically entered into the fields of the...
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