Internet Addiction and Its Effects on Educationla Succes

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  • Published : November 6, 2011
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Internet Addiction and it Effects on Educational Success
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Internet addiction is a maladaptive condition of continuously using the internet, which has strong withdrawal symptoms like depression, and loneliness, especially when the victims get off the net for long periods (Johnsons 2009). Just like drug, and alcohol addiction, internet dependency comes along with a psychological dependency, which may lead to medically significant impairments, if not checked early. Internet addiction stands on a wide platform of cyberspace affairs (Young & Nabunco, 2010) like social networking, learning and research activities, e-commerce and entertainment.

The internet is rapidly gaining popularity as a powerful educational tool, and many schools are moving towards incorporating it in their classrooms, especially for learning purposes. It is an indispensable research tool, if well utilized. Intensive use of the internet is growing particularly fast among students, who devote most of their time on the net, playing games, socializing, listening to music, and engaging in various forms of internet fraud and abuse; the internet has become an integral part of them, leading to addiction.

An exhaustive survey conducted by a group of computer professionals for teachers, education administrators, librarians, and students in over 500 schools revealed that continuous use of the internet does not increase the performance of students. They said that the internet is a highway of information, and may not necessarily include what is in the syllabus, and what the curriculum requires. They suggested the use of selected textbooks in schools as a way of helping students to produce exceptional results (Young & Nabunco, 2010).

The overall academic performance of many students, who become victims of the addiction, goes down with increasing internet usage (Johnsons, 2009). Fifty eight percent of students who demonstrate outstanding...
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