Internet Addiction

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Internet addiction

Title: The problem of Internet addiction is clearly a serious problem and the group most susceptible to it are university students. Discuss

Nowadays Internet takes up an important place in our society. Since its invention it has a big influence on our private and working life. Especially university students pass their spare time surfing the internet without knowing their limitations. Internet is a dangerous trap for young people. In this essay the focus will be on the factors of Internet addiction and reasons for internet addiction among university students.

The motives for internet addiction are difficult to define. Factors like stress and loneliness are important to consider. According to Colder (in Weiten & Lloyd 2005:41) many people handle stress with “substitute forms of satisfaction”. They tend coping stress by “eating, smoking and consumption of alcohol and drugs”. (Colder in ibid: 41). In these days Internet is used as means coping up with stress or depression. (Young in Weiten 2005: 41). Many people are surfing the internet for an increasing amount of time. The danger starts with overstepping the thin line to addiction and losing control to handle it. According to Kandell (in Weiten & Lloyd 2005:41) Internet users show emotions like “anxiety and depression when not online”. This can be compared to a vicious circle where the internet user is stuck. While trying to cope with their depression, they feel anxious and stressed when not using the internet. A lot of people also use the internet because they feel lonely. According to Shaw (in ibid) Internet is a good opportunity for shy people to interact with others without revealing themselves to public. On the one hand it can be seen as a benefit to “reduce loneliness” (Shaw in Weiten 2005:41) but on the other hand it also has a negative impact on our “daily functioning” according to Schumacher (in ibid).

The negative impact is especially seen among university students. According...
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