Internet Addiction

Topics: Eric E. Schmidt, Google, MySpace Pages: 3 (1257 words) Published: November 30, 2010
The negative effects of technology are always very controversial; no one really knows how technology is going to affect us in the future. Google an internet giant, directs the user to any information he/she is looking for. The sole purpose of Google is to make knowledge accessible to everyone. On the other hand, many people believe that we are starting to rely heavily on Google. In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr, he states his fear of the Internet and explains how Google has already started to change his mind in the way he retains information. In a total different point of view, CEO Eric Schmidt states that Google is not to be feared and that it is here to help. Both of these articles are completely opposite of each other but Carrs’ argument is more effective than Erics’ presentation. In Carr’s article he argues how the internet has grown over the years. Although information is available by a click of a button, the internet is influencing both our mind and our reading habits, life without Internet is unthinkable, so much so that it has become a universal medium. Carr grabs the attention of the reader by stating a quote from a movie “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the final scene where Dave loses his mind (533). After that, Carr makes a connection of how the movie ends and how deep reading is a struggle due to the countless hours on the internet. The purpose of Carr’s article is to inform his rhetorical audience about what he endures by the internet. After stating his argument that deep reading is a struggle Carr later provides personal examples to enhance his credibility. Carr argues that his peers and colleagues specially literary ones, have the same problem, even Scott Karp confesses that he stops reading books and does all his reading on the Internet. (534). After that, Carr states that not only our deep reading is being affected but also our brain. Since the brain is malleable, it constantly breaks old connections to form new ones....
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