Topics: Computer security, Internet, Reason Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: January 5, 2013
The internet can seen as the most popular technology in the modern life. Its facilities are applied for many aspects of life such as studying and working. This essay will discuss why the internet brings more harm than good.The major reason supporting for this issue is that effect of using computer on health probems. People usually use the internet and they spend more time on sitting computers. As a result, they can get eyes problems or pain back. In addition, with internet addicts, they can get mental problems because of abusing using the internet.Another important reason is that internet can bring the risk of insecurity. In the modern life, poeple tend to use many security programes to protect their information. It means that they must prepare for preventing unexpected trespass. However, they still are attacked by someone through internet security faults. Consequently, people can get personal troubles such as losing their control even or their important information is stolen.These are some reasons supporting for this issue. However this issue will look at some reasons against this issue.The first reason is that the internet bring many advantages for people because of its convenience and popularity. Through the internet, people can do many works in short time. To illustrate, instead of going to supermarket, they can buy stuffs in the online market from anywhere . This leads to saving time and helping people having more time to do other works.In additon, one of the reason is that the internet has many potential in studying, working or business. For example, in many companies, they usually have online marketting project to promote their products because, people nowsaday usually use the internet to read news, shopping. So, advertisement in online market can become a good market performance. Also, through the internet, students can gain more knowledge beside what they study from their school.To conclude, the internet can bring harm but people can not deny that the...
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