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A Case Study of Nationalised Bank


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Ajay Solkhe
Assistant Professor,
University School of Management,
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Stress is inevitable in our society. Researchers on stress make it clear that, to enter in to the complex area of stress, especially in to the area of occupational stress, is very difficult. Stress is an unavoidable consequence of modern living. During the past decade, the banking sector had under gone rapid and striking changes like policy changes due to globalisation and liberalisation, increased competition due to the entrance of more private (corporate) sector banks, downsizing, introduction of new technologies, etc. Due to these changes, the employees in the banking sector are experiencing a high level of stress. In light of the above, the present study attempt to throw light on the various problems of occupational stress among banking professionals specifically the Nationalised bank employees. For meeting the objective Occupational Stress Index (OSI) constructed by Srivastava and Singh was used in the study. The 46 item questionnaire is categorised into 12 sub scales namely Role Overload, Role Ambiguity, Role Conflict, Unreasonable Group and Political Pressure, Responsibility for Persons, Under Participation, Powerlessness, Poor Peer Relations, Intrinsic Impoverishment, Low Status, Strenuous Working Conditions and Unprofitability. The subjects were the 90 professionals occupying the managerial positions in the Punjab National Bank. The study was largely concentrated in Northern Region of India focusing on the branches of PNB located in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. The result obtained was analysed using descriptive statistics and Pearson Correlation. The study concluded that employees of the selected bank are experiencing high degree of stress with respect to the dimensions of Poor Peer Relations, Responsibility of persons, Strenuous Working Conditions, Powerlessness and Unprofitability.

Key Words: Occupational Stress Index (OSI), Stress, Role Overload, Role Ambiguity and Role Conflict, Bank Employee, Nationalised Bank, INTRODUCTION
The advent of technological revolution in all walks of life coupled with globalisation, privatisation policies has drastically changed conventional patterns in all sectors. The banking sector is of no exemption. The 1990s saw radical policy changes with regarding to fiscal deficit and structural changes in India so as to prepare her to cope with the new economic world order. Globalisation and privatisation led policies compelled the banking sector to reform and adjust to have a competitive edge to cope with multinationals led environment. The implications of the above said transformations have affected the social, economic and psychological domains of the bank employees and their relations. Evidence from existing literature states that more than 60% of the bank employees have one or other problem directly or indirectly related to these drastic changes. All the factors discussed above are prospective attributes to cause occupational stress and related disorders among the employees. The frontiers of knowledge on the concept of stress and its effects are expanding in all directions. There exists a multiplicity of theories and invalidated explanations to the term stress. But there is general acceptance of the concept of stress as a...
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