International Trade Debate

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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The United States has to set high tariffs and quotas to restrict trade with foreign countries. Tariffs are the tax that one country sets on imported goods and services of another nation. And a quota is the restriction of trade of the amount of goods and services over a fixed period of time to maintain the country’s interest on imported goods. Tariffs and quotas set by the United States have control over the amount of goods that come into the United States to help the economy while continuing to keep healthy trade and relationships with other countries. The United States uses these trade restrictions to find suitable trade opportunities from other countries. And there put in place to safe guard and protect the country’s economic interest. Some people argue that these tariffs and quotas often lead to corruption, like smugglers trying to avoid them and raising prices goods for the consumer.

As for the dollar’s strength in the United States, this impacts the level of the tariff all together. When we have strong dollar in the United States, we can lower the tariff to benefit consumers by further spending. And when the dollar is weak, the United States has to protect its economy and potential jobs by increasing the tariff reducing consumer benefit. All of this affects the price of imported goods causing inflation, different areas of competition, and at the same time it can fuel economic growth and increase consumer spending by offering fair prices for better products.
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