International Toursim Marketing Planning

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1. Introduction to India1
2. PETSEL analysis1
2.1 Political analysis1
2.2 Economic analysis2
2.3 Social analysis2
2.4 Technology analysis2
2.5 Environmental analysis3
2.6 Legal analysis4
3. Customer Analysis5
3.1 Customer choice factors5
3.2 Segmentation6
3.3 Segmentation Matrix7
4. Competitor Analysis8
5. Internal analysis9
6. Summary SWOT analysis and 'Key Take Out'9
6.1 SWOT analysis9
6.2 Key Take Out10
7. Targeting analysis and positioning10
7.1 Targeting analysis10
7.2 Positioning12
8. Strategic Planning and Setting Objectives13
9. The "Value Proposition"14
10. Marketing Mix Recommendations14
11. Measuring Success15
12. Summary15
Appendix A16

Lists of Figures

Figure 1Target market selection model11
Figure 2 The positioning map of Health and Wellness tourism segment.13
Figure 3 Ansoff Matrix14

Lists of Tables

Table 1 Arrivals by Purpose of Visit: 2006-20112
Table 2 Health and Wellness Tourism sales by Category : Value 2006 – 20113
Table 3 Balance of Thailand Tourism Payment : Value 2006 – 20114
Table 4 Balance of Indonesia Tourism Payment : Value 2006 – 20114
Table 5 Segmentation Matrix7
Table 6 India’s Competitor divided by segment8
Table 7 Competitors strengths and weakness9
Table 8 SWOT analysis10
Table 9 The targeting segment analyses12

Marketing Holiday
This report provides marketing plan for India tourism industry including 10 steps of marketing planning referring to International Marketing Planning module (2012) 1. Introduction to India
India is the most populous democracy, the seventh largest country in term of total area in the world, which located in South Asia surrounded by Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Maldives Indian Ocean, Arabia Ocean and Bay of Bengal (Mintel 2010).

In term of tourism, India plays host to a diverse mix of tourism choice. Natures, adventures, cultures, nations, history, architectures and medical are all on offer, making India an attractive destination to a variety of demographic groups. Apart from that, in 2009 this country was singled out as the best value-for-money in term of Country Brand Index (CBI) done by FutureBrand (2012).

India has Ministry of Tourism (MOT), its objective is to develop and promote tourism in India by formulating and administrating the rules, regulations and laws. And in 2002, MOT announced “Incredible India” as the travel theme. The successful of campaign, nowadays the tourism industry in India is becoming the third largest earner in of foreign exchange (Government of India 2012). 2. PETSEL analysis

In order to analyses external environment of India’s tourism industry, PESTEL analysis could be applied and offer clues to opportunities and threats (Wood 2004). 2.1 Political analysis
2.1.1 Stable democratic administration
India is the world’s largest democracy; it has a stable democratic government for a long decade. India is a Secular Democratic Republic with a parliamentary system consists of Parliament and State Government this means in each state of India has its own tourism department (Government of India 2012). It is advantage because each state becomes a competitor of each other, induce high contest between states in order to gain profit from tourism industry. This fact can ensures stability for the tourism industry.
2.1.2 Terrorism
India is facing with two type of terrorism: external terrorists and internal terrorists but intra-terrorist takes more seriously effect to tourism. There is a trend of growing internal terrorists especially Maoism and Naxalism their case un-peace in the country (South East Asia Terrioms Portal 2011). By the way India's government (2012) is continuously improving its defence inventory to combat any potential attack form terrorists especially in areas like Jammu Kashmir and our metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and places...
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