International Terrorism

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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The Israel Palestine conflict has nothing to do with Religion. Much has been said about Palestinian terrorism being a result of Islamist radicalism involving the creation of a unified Muslim state in the Middle East. Equally prevalent in this discussion is the Israeli use of terrorism in the name of Zionist movement. Religion has been the guise for the justification of this “rational” terrorism, when in fact there is nothing rational about it. In this context, rational terrorism is defined as violence against civilians as a clear means to an end. The religion is distorted, sold to the world as sympathetic propaganda to mask the politically motivated terrorism it really is. The use of terrorism by Israel and Palestine is falsely ascribed a rational religious context. When examined closely, the use of terrorism can only be defended rationally through a political context, finding that a religious justification proves irrational and antithetic. This disillusionment of rational religious terrorism in this conflict must begin with an expanded discussion of rational versus irrational terrorism. As previously stated, rational terrorism involves using violence against civilians as a clear means to an end. Irrational terrorism is the use of violence against civilians for no clear end. Irrational terrorism can include violence for the sake of enjoyment, to gain publicity, etc. Religious fundamentalism is not a rational justification of terrorism in this conflict. A clear and concise understanding of the religion the two sides use as a plausible sympathetic defense for terrorism actually leads to an irrational classification of its use and delegitimizes justification of civilian violence. The only rational justification for terrorism is the strictly politically motivated territorial dispute over the land both the Arabs and the Israelis inhabit. This point will be examined more closely in the analysis that follows. Also relevant to this discussion is a brief historical...
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