International Technology Transfer: ZTE Lanka Pvt Ltd

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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1. Introduction to ZTE Lanka (PVT) LTD

ZTE Corporation (Zhōngxìng Telecom Equipments) is a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. Through its network of operators across 140 countries, the company delivers innovative products and business solutions. The major customers are the telecom operators in Asia Pacific, South Asia, North America, Europe and Latin America. It connects global customers via voice, data, multimedia and WLAN. ZTE now has about 62,000 employees and 10,000 of them are working in about 107 representative offices around the world.

ZTE Sri Lanka office (ZTE Lanka (PVT) LTD) was established in 2004, situated at Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 02 as a fully own subsidiary of ZTE Corporation. Currently ZTE Lanka is having more than 300 local staff and around 75 Chinese staff. The main business of ZTE Lanka is providing complete telecommunication solutions to its customers mainly comprises the system solution (Planning, construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance and Technical support services) and Terminal/handset solution. ZTE successfully completed major projects with most of the Sri Lankan operators. Therefore ZTE has very good technology transfer experience in Sri Lanka context with many operators which includes,

• Mobitel - stage 6(Successfully completed) & Mobitel stage 7(Ongoing) • Dialog WCDMA/HSDPA+ Project(Ongoing)
• Hutch GSM/GPRS/EDGE Project(Maintenance ongoing)
• Etisalat expansion project
• SLT ADSL/ IPTV project

In addition to Telecom infrastructure level solutions, ZTE is selling handheld devices (for Data, Mobile voice and FWTs) through Sri Lankan operators.

Next sections of this report describe the technology transfer experience cases of ZTE Lanka (PVT) LTD and future technology portfolio analysis and implementation plan for technology buy/ acquire.

2. Mobitel stage 6 project: A Technology Transfer Experience of ZTE Lanka (PVT) LTD

Mobitel stage 6 is the largest expansion project done by any Sri Lankan telecom operator and ZTE is the sole equipment and service provider for that project. This is wireless project started in 2011 which included implementation of new wireless Network with GSMGPRS/EDGE and WCDMA technology. Since this is a turnkey project the key responsibilities of ZTE are planning, installation, commissioning, maintenance and optimization of both radio network and Core Network consist of BTSs, NodeBs, BSCs, MSCS/MGW, EMS, SMSC and CRBT. It included the maintenance works of Mobitel network. This project completed on September 2012 and maintenance works started from that period.

Since I’ve been a part of this project from the initiation phase to the closure phase I was able to get a good idea about the technology transfer, its environment, issues & difficulties. I’ll brief my personal experience in the following section

2.1 Technology Transfer Environment

By using the following conceptual framework we can easily explain the different components of the effective technology transfer which has been carried out between ZTE Lanka (Pvt) ltd. and Mobitel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

Figure No: 2.1: Conceptual model for analysis International Technology Transfer

Transferor Environment

Mobitel’s majority of the equipments and services were provided by Huawei until the year 2010. ZTE’s low cost strategy ensures the Mobitel stage six expansion project to ZTE and provides new a market opening in Mobitel. Following are the key points describe the transferor environment conditions.

• International experience of handling large scale turnkey telecommunication project • ZTE has strong technological capabilities in 2G/3G/4G Technologies • ZTE Technologies has many success stories in many countries as very stable systems • Highly motivated and hard working staff of ZTE

Transferee Environment

Mobitel wants to expand their 2G/3G network...
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