International Students

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Taiwo Hameed
Life of an international student
Attention getter- “Did you have a lion in your backyard when you were growing up?” “Did you have to hunt for your food?” Reveal Topic- These were the questions asked by my classmates when I first moved to the United States. Often times, international students are asked bizarre questions about their culture. Frequently, international students are asked what their names mean and although most may know, some don’t have the slightest idea. My name, Taiwo, means first of the twins to be born and the first to taste the world. From the audience survey I received back, only 2 out of 16 people that took the survey knew the meaning of their name. Most questions asked of international students can be humorous but some are very offensive. Credibility Statement- I moved to the United States when I was 12 years old, and my biggest problem was readjusting to the weather, which by the way I’m still not adjusted to. In Nigeria, my home country, there are only two seasons which are the wet and the dry season. Although I am not an international student, I can relate because I had to go through so many changes and at one point it was unbearable. Each year, Johnson County Community College is home to international students from more than one hundred countries with their own cultures, skills, and struggles. Preview of main points- Today, I am going to inform you about international students struggle with challenges like cultural and social adjustment. Connective- First, I would like to explain

I. International student’s struggles with cultural adjustments. A. According to Gregory Trivonovitch, there are four transitional stages: a honeymoon, hostility, integration/acceptance, and finally, the home stage. 1. The honeymoon stage is described as the stage full of joy and excitement because most international students that are just arriving are captivated with everything new. They

a excited to start studying at a...
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