International Space Station Report (Iss)

Topics: International Space Station, Universe, Earth Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: March 31, 2013
International space station (ISS) report
The International space station (ISS) orbits around the earth 16 times at the speed of 27,700 km/h. It generates electricity from the sun by turning the light into electricity through solar panels. The ISS is the largest technology device in space so far. The international space station weighs in at about 450 tones and is round about 108.5m x 72.8m in length. The international space station was designed, developed and invented between 16 different countries including USA, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Norway, Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, Brazil and Belgium. The idea originally came from a former president named Ronald Reagan. The international space station was built in 38 different parts and was all put together in space by requiring at least 44 space flights. The international space station took about 1,920 hours and took one hundred and sixty space walks to assemble it. The international space station cost $35 billion dollars to $100 billion dollars to be built and assembled. The purpose of the International space station is for trained astronauts to study the earth below them. The astronauts also use the international space station to do experiments on life, physical, earth and material science. It is also used as a research facility to gain knowledge about the universe and the world beyond earth. The international space station is currently also studying if human life can survive in outer space. The other purpose of the international space station is to provide long term benefits to people on earth. It also helps scientist to study what space can do to you mentally and physically. Scientist also use the ISS to observe the changes on earth by observing the environment and the climate. The international space station has been the most expensive and advanced technology in space and time but by yet the best thing in science today. It has helped us...
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