International Rivalry

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The data resulted from the experiment shows how there was difference between the average time read between the control group and the experimental group. the experimental group had a word list with conflicting word stimuli, causing the there to be a thought processing allowing the participant to read the color of the word rather than the word itself. The thought processing took more time, resulting in the experimental group to take a longer time reading the word list. Unlike the experimental, the control list read the word list in black, with no interference, hence the average time for the control group Is shorter. Another possible reason for the lengthy average time for the experimental group may be due to errors. If an error was made during the reading of the list, it has to be corrected before continuing reading. In troops study, he conducted two experiments. Experiment 1 included word list being read, the control group reading the list in black and white and the experimental group reading the list in color with word stimuli. For the experiment my group conducted, was similar to experiment 1 in stories study. The results of the experiment my group conducted were similar to stroop’s results, being that the experimental group in reading the list with the word stimuli took 2.3 seconds longer than the control group for color stimuli. For word stimuli, the experimental group took47 seconds longer on average compared to the control group. The results support the aim by showing how word stimuli in stroop’s experiment and the experiment I conducted caused an increase in time for naming colors, and the combination of word stimuli and reading the list was effective. Stroop concludes "the difference in the speed in reading names of colors and in naming colors may be accounted for by the difference in training in the two activities. The word stimuli has been associated with the response ’to read’, while the color...
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