International Relation Theory

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Compare and Contrast Classical Realism and Classical Liberalism

The International relation has many issues to debate. The most keenly debate issues in International relation is pessimistic view of The Classical Realism against the optimistic view of The Classical Liberalism. The theory of The Realism came from ancient times. This theory was first time established in Greece in 431 BC by Thucydides. The Theory of The Realism is defined as in favour of using of power to bring to realization the interest of nation. They have a pessimistic view of human nature and high regard for the values of national security .The realist are more sceptics about progress in international politics. They think that international relation is always conflictual. Another theory which is completely the opposite is Liberalism. The Classical Liberalism theory is a political ideology which was founded on ideas of freedom and equality. That ideology was introduced to the world by John Locke in the Seventeenth Century (Jackson,2010). The Classical Liberalism belief in progress and has a conviction that international relation can be cooperative. In that essay will be compared and contrast main arguments of two theory’s which is Classical Realism and Classical Liberalism. Firstly, will be compared and contrasted a human nature of Classical Realism and Classical Liberalism. The Classical Realism has pessimistic view of human nature. The Classic Realist Thucydides’ says that international politics is driven to have a fight for a power, which has its roots in human nature (Baylis,2011) .In realist theory thought that human are highly competitive. They consequently trying always being first. They do not wish to be taken advantages of. They try very hard do not have good international relations with other countries also trying to stop domination by others .Thucydides think that state just think about itself benefits rather than people which live in that state....