International Promotion and Market Research of Nivea

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  • Published : February 17, 2010
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International Promotion
International Market Research

Nivea: International Promotion

Promotional marketing mix issues revolve around advertising. Direct mail, e-mail, media publicity, public relations, sales promotion and the internet are a few ways Nivea promote its products within international markets (Hollensen, 2007). Trying to standardise one or two issues in each international market may be achievable. Trying to standardise every issue listed above in every new market around the world is an almost impossible task.

Nivea: International Market Research

Market research is a powerful tool for Nivea to discover the “viability of a market and to minimise risk within product launches” (The Times, 2009). Being an international business, it is essential Nivea develops new products using the insights gained from “consumers across markets and cultures” so that products will “deliver maximum returns when launched” (The Times, 2009). Market research managers from Nivea’s overseas affiliate companies report directly to a central research team in Germany (The Times, 2009). Market research managers will lead a team of market researchers within the specified region “conducting primary, qualitative and secondary research” (Kumar, 2004). The aim of this process is to “understand motivations behind using certain product groups” (The Times, 2009).

In international markets it is imperative that Nivea are culturally sensitive when conducting market research. A lack of understanding relating to language, National/Regional customs, timing of research due to days of cultural or religious meaning and governmental regulations may cause offence, damaging brand image (Kay, 2008).

Telephone interviews can be successful in some countries but low levels of telephone ownership and poor communications in other countries limit the coverage provided by telephone surveys (Sopariwala, 1987).

Mail Surveys in international settings...
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